Bull Rider!

- at 7PM with fireworks.
at 2PM. (Gates open 2 hours prior to each rodeo)

2023 - Celebrating 34 years!

Bull Riding

Bull Riding at the Ellicottville Championship Rodeo

Bull riders who might not weigh more than 150 pounds place a flat braided rope around a bull that weighs almost 2,000 pounds. The bull rope is placed around the animal, just behind its shoulders. It is then looped and threaded through itself and the cowboy wraps it around his riding hand with only his grip holding him in place. While there is no “mark out” rule in bull riding, the rider relies on balance and leg strength to make the 8-second buzzer. Look for bull riders to sit up close to their bull ropes and to turn their toes out because riders are judged on the riding style of the competitor and the bucking ability of the bull. Youngest of the seven standard rodeo events, bull riding has been voted on by sportswriters as the most dangerous sport in America. Riding bulls is particularly dangerous because a bull will often attack a rider once he is on the ground.

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